As Gregory J Flegal Builders LLC I have been building and renovating homes in the Southern Chester County area for over 40 years. We have done renovations, restorations, and additions, and have also had the pleasure of constructing several family homes, most of which have been Colonial-type construction and passive solar.

I have recently chosen to focus on the woodworking and sawmill aspect of the business, focusing on smaller projects, and using the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over all these years to help you create your own projects and build your dreams. I can help you with DIY projects using wood from your own property, or I can build it for you. I have worked with interior designers in the area to help their customers build on their dreams, and I have helped many of my customers take a tree from their property that had sentimental value and create it into something they treasure in their home.  "From Tree to Treasure".

Whatever your project, come to us with your ideas and we can make them happen!! 

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